Solid quality with best comfort

A good bike belongs to the most important equipment for a successful cycling trip. We therefore rely on solid quality in all components and in production, on the basis of the proven brand quality of KTM bicycles and perfected by our "master Jaceck Szczurek", a former cycling cyclist and bike trainer. In this way, we guaranteethe best comfort and safety on roads and cycle paths.

Our wheels

In our wheels, we have years of experience and continuous development, always with the utmost attention to the wishes and requirements of our guests. The result is a solid, easy-running and rice-ready wheel, which we can recommend with a clear conscience. With modern V-brakes, aluminum hollow chamber rims as well as top tires it is well equipped for every way. The heart of the wheel is a modern, high-strength aluminum frame. All-day-like equipment with lighting system, luggage rack, fenders and a comfortable saddle guarantee an unsurpassed wheel enjoyment.

Saddle Selle Royal

The production of saddles in accordance with strict criteria in terms of quality, functionality and a high degree of environmental compatibility. The exclusive use of high-quality materials ensures a high degree of safety and driving pleasure. Bicycle comfort is of great importance, especially for bicycle saddles. However, you can also bring your own saddle including adapter for travel (seat support diameter from 27.2 to 31.4 mm), we will be happy to assist you with the assembly.

Gears from Shimano

The 7-speed Shimano gears the NEXUS hub circuit is used. Can be switched at any time - both at rest and under load.
With 21-speed gears, the Shimano ALIVIO chain ensures a smooth gear change. The characteristics of this proven circuit are fault-tolerant, robust and easy to operate.

Frame sizes

Radreise friends always keeps ready Well maintained quality wheels for you. The following sizes are available for our own tours:

1. Unisex frame 21-speed with freewheel
2. Available sizes: 56/51/46/43 cm
3. Unisex 7-speed wheels with retraction
4. Sizes: 56/51/46 cm
5. Men's wheels 21-speed with freewheel and rod
6. Sizes: 64/60/56/46 cm (Note: reservation absolutely necessary!)

For tours of our partners partly also wheels with different gear numbers are in use. To determine the correct frame height, we ask you for your body size when registering.


For complete equipment of course includes matching accessories - perfectly tuned to our wheels and especially robust and solid, only from reputable quality manufacturers:

1. Saddle bag (water repellent)
2. Handlebar (water repellent)
3. Tool
4. Repair kit (with spare hose)
5. Air pump
6. Number lock

Our electric bicycles

So come with a smile on your lips about every mountain! With our electric bicycles, you are fully mobile and can enjoy every cycle trip, even if the legs do not want it anymore, so you always stay in the middle of your friends or family! The unisex wheels are comfortable for men and women to drive.
There is no legally required license and the electric bike can only provide support up to 25 km / h. Therefore important: without kicking - no active support! The operation itself is simple and the e-bike for everyone after a brief explanation easy to handle.
A bicycle is therefore driven by an electric motor. The engine is mounted in the bottom bracket as a so-called center motor. Power is supplied by the electric motor with a detachable battery, which allows up to 80 kilometers of range. A spare battery is nevertheless always included, so that the bike does not run out of breath.

Our electric bike is a pedelec!

The pedelec is referred to as an electric bicycle when its electric driving support can only be accessed by pedaling into the pedals. All bike travel friends’ wheels are therefore the highest quality pedelecs! Compiled on the basis of KTM-wheels, corresponding to our assignments. The wheel is easy to handle due to the center motor, as these results in a better weight distribution and a lower center of gravity. The total weight is only about 23 kilograms.
An illuminated LCD display, the bicycle computer and the power consumption display provide real operating comfort. They are traveling on 28-inch wheels; three support modes ensure maximum driving pleasure.
The scope of the accessories is the same as for our touring bike!