I. Conclusion of the travel contract

  1. With the registration, the customer Cycle Travellers provides the binding conclusion of a travel contract. The application is made in writing on the form provided for this purpose. Any other writtenregistration with us is binding. The applicant is also registered by the applicant for all the participants mentioned. The applicant shall accept the present travel conditions bindingly, also in the name and on behalf of the participants mentioned above.
  2. The contract is concluded with the acceptance by Cycle Travellers or its affiliates by sending the booking confirmation.
  3. Subsidiary agreements and changes to the concluded travel contract require our written confirmation.

II. Payment

Upon receipt of the booking confirmation, a deposit of a maximum of 20% per person is due or depending on offer and payment terms. The balance will be paid at least 60 days prior to the start of the trip - by train against the delivery of the travel documents to the traveler. For the deposit you can deposits it by cheque or wire payment. Please note that the full invoice amount must be credited to our account; any costs of the payment transaction are to be borne by the travel participant!

Account Number: 50200034982992
IFSC Code: HDFC0000637
Branch: DHULE 424001 MH

III. Rescission of the customer / substitute participant / rebooking

1. The customer can withdraw from the contract at any time prior to travel. The customer must declare the rescission in writing. In case of cancellation or non appearance of the trip we have the following cancellation fees charge:

If a cancellation is made Charges per person
60 days or more prior to the departure Initial payment INR-10,000/-
59-40days prior to the departure 25%of tour cost +visa charges, if any
39-20 days prior to departure 50%of tour cost+ visa charges, if any
19-11 days prior to departure 75%of tour cost+ visa charges, if any
10 days or less prior to departure 100% of the tour cost

In any case, travel cancellation insurance is recommended. Please bear in mind that there is usually no travel cancellation insurance here and insure yourself!

2. Each registered cannot be transferred to any other person’s name after the booking

3. Changes to the booking with regard to the number of rooms or types, the hotel category and the type of boarding are, as far as this is possible in the hotels and the corresponding capacity available, generally up to 25 days before the start of the trip. We will have to charge you for the associated costs INR 6000/-per change of booking

IV. Benefits

1. For the scope of the contractual services, the performance descriptions in the cycling tour friend's home page, which are current for the travel time, are decisive but not deviating declarations or promises made by intermediary travel agencies, local or hotel prospects or other third parties. The indicated stages are the mostly and mainly approached stages. Your consent to the evasion in places of the narrower environment must be provided in individual cases without deduction. Possible deviations from the course described in the catalog for organizational reasons are possible, but do not affect the nature and content of the trip.

2. The price is per person based on double bed. A single room can be booked for a surcharge, if available. In some hotels, however, only a limited number of single rooms are available so that you may have to make a small room or have to change rooms / overnight stays to a different hotel or private accommodation. If a single room cannot be made, you would have to share a 2-bed room with a fellow traveler. In this case, the paid extra charge would of course be reimbursed on a pro rata basis.

3. In the case of families, we grant the following reductions for children traveling with children to the basic price and additional nights as a third person in the double room of two full-paying guests: 0 to 5,99 years 100% (possibly incurred costs to be paid on the spot) / 6 to 11,99 years 50 % / 12 to 14,99 years 25% / over 15 years 10%.

V. Liability and Limitation of Liability

  1. Cycle Travellers is liable within the scope of the due diligence of a proper merchant for the conscientious travel preparation, the careful selection and monitoring of the service providers as well as the correctness of the travel time valid performance descriptions at the time of printing our catalog.
  2. Participation in cycling trips is at your own risk. Minors may only take part in a trip if accompanied by a adult.
  3. Each participant is personally responsible for the health of the travel requirements.
  4. Compliance with the road traffic regulations is also the responsibility of the travel participant.
  5. In all transports (bus, ship, airplane, etc.), the conditions of carriage of the respective transport companies apply.
  6. If for a reason which we cannot influence (conversions, renovations, etc.), a planned inspection will not take place, so we cannot be held responsible.
  7. Should damages occur which have been caused by a service provider selected by us or which have not been intentionally or grossly negligently made by us, and then our liability - irrespective of the legal grounds - is limited to triple the travel price.
  8. In the event of a loss or damage to the luggage, we shall only be liable if these have been caused by us and are reported immediately upon occurrence, but only up to max. NIR 15000/- per person. We assume no liability whatsoever: - for items which are not normally carried in the baggage, - for all types of payment, - for optical damage and damage to halves and rollers, - for damage to luggage whose total weight exceeds 20 kg. We recommend the travel safety package for these risks. The transport of customer bicycles is possible - both during a trip as well as during transfer trips - only at customer risk. The fixed settings on the hanger are matched to the organizer wheels so that minor damage, particularly lacquer damage, can occur in the case of foreign wheels. Damage caused during the transport can therefore not be held liable. This limitation of liability also applies to third-party transportation and foreign trips.
  9. Should a trip be canceled for reasons beyond our control (strikes, natural catastrophes etc.), or if at least 8 guests should not participate in a trip (15 passengers on ship trips), provided that no other minimum number of participants is included in the travel description - we reserve the right to cancel the journey at the latest 25 days before the planned date of travel. In this case, you will be informed immediately and will immediately receive back the amounts paid to us. There are no other claims.

VI. Warranty

  1. Remedy: If the journey is not provided in accordance with the contract, the customer can request remedy. What is contractually agreed is, on the one hand, according to the description of the service, but also on the other hand, according to the local customs of the destination country. Cycle Travellers can refuse the remedy if it requires a disproportionate effort, but is entitled to provide remedies in the form of equivalent or higher value substitute services. The customer can only reject such a substitute service for important, objectively recognizable reasons. The remedy is to be directed to us directly or to the tour guide. However, the tour guide is not entitled to accept claims.
  2. Reduction of the travel price: The customer can demand a corresponding reduction of the travel price (reduction) after returning from the journey for the duration of a non-contractual delivery of the travel until the remedy by Cycle Travellers. The reduction shall not take place if and insofar as the passenger culpably fails to comply with the defect as described in Para. VI 1. To notify the said bodies in a timely manner to enable the latter to remedy the situation.
  3. Any claims must be submitted to us no later than one month after the end of the contract.

VII. Participation obligation

  1. If the traveler does not receive the travel documents in time, he must notify Cycle Travellers immediately.
  2. The traveler is obligated to do everything he can reasonably to do in the case of any power disturbances that may occur, in order to contribute to the elimination of the fault and to minimize or prevent any damage that may occur. In particular, the customer is obligated to submit his complaints immediately to the conditions specified in Para. VI 1. To the relevant authorities. They are responsible for remedying this, if possible. If the customer culpably fails to report a defect, a claim for reduction does not occur.

VIII. Other

  1. The customer is responsible for compliance with all passport, visa, customs and health regulations.
  2. We reserve the right to make changes in prices and services, as well as to correct errors and misprints.
  3. The invalidity of individual provisions of the travel contract does not result in the invalidity of the entire contract.

IX. Jurisdiction / Applicable law

  1. The contractual relationship is subject to Indian law or country to which participant is traveling.
  2. The customer can only sue the Cycle Travellers at its registered office.
  3. The residence of the travel agent against the customer shall be the domicile of the customer, unless the action is directed against wholesalers or persons who do not have a general court in India. In this case the seat of the tour operator is decisive.

Changes in the offer as well as errors, printing errors and arithmetic errors reserved.