A. How does baggage transfer work?

We carry your luggage from hotel to hotel for all individual trips. There is no limit to the number of luggage for cycling trips. For some foreign trips only one or two luggage items are carried. For information, and the delivery and return times for the individual travel Please travel documents. Refer However, we ask to use of handy luggage, please avoid "wardrobes with Henkel". Baggage weighing more than 20kg shall not be carried. Please also note that the luggage is particularly stressed by the repeated loading and unloading. We are not responsible for loss or damage of your valuables.

No liability whatsoever we take care of:

  • Items which are not usually carried in the luggage;

  • Payment of all kinds;

  • Optical damage, as well as damage to halves and rollers

  • Damage to luggage whose total weight exceeds 20kg.

Please also note the travel conditions under point V / 8.

B. Are performance on each tour are identical?

No rule without exception. Not only traveling in foreign countries sometimes requires exceptions to the usual benefits package.

Our selected partner-organizer lace partially a slightly different package. To the extent that these differences appear relevant to a booking decision, we already point out in the catalog for the service block.

C. How to book my trip the easiest?

The best way to book is via the homepage or use the registration form. The registration becomes binding as soon as our confirmation of booking has been sent to you. Please note our travel conditions. We accept payment via check and bank transfers

D. Worn in any weather?

Unfortunately, we can not give you a sunshine guarantee, but we are expecting the best cyclist weather during your trip. Like you, of course!

In any case, however, you should also provide for cooler days and occasional rain showers. Equipment tips are included in the travel documents.

E. Do I need travel insurance?

We recommend the conclusion of a travel insurance, at least a cancellation insurance. Insurance is not included in our travel prices. With our travel confirmation, you will receive documents from the European Travel Insurance for the direct conclusion of various variants.

F. Is there a special cycling travel service abroad?

We strive to offer you the accustomed bicycle travel service even during our foreign trips. In spite of these efforts, we and of course you, as travelers, sometimes have to accept cuts.

So, especially in Italy (except South Tyrol) the breakfast is often easier than here and the single rooms are sometimes equipped despite considerable Aufschlag easier. Also punctuality and generally the times are not exactly strength of the southern countries. Please count on transfers, bus departures and - in rare cases - also during baggage transfer with small delays.

G. Is it possible to rely on the illustrated drawing sketches?

The stretching sketches of the homepage or the catalog give you an additional overview of the approximate route guidance of the bike tours.

The course as well as stages and sightseeing are not binding for the actual course of the tour.

H. How do I transport my luggage?

We will gladly provide you with comfortable luggage bags for the small day luggage.

Likewise, a small "on-board tool", spare hose, shut-off rings, etc. belong to the equipment. We can only recommend cycling helmets - especially for children traveling with us - but unfortunately we cannot lend them.

I. Is there any tour for me too?

If you only have the look for the tachometer, is not exactly our passenger. We prefer to cycle comfortably and comfortably with a view of the landscape and its sights. Some minor incline and some hills will perhaps push you over.

But you can be assured: Average physical condition is sufficient to deal with almost all of our bike tours. For stage lengths of 35 to 75 kilometers (depending on the route), you always have an entire day time. For guided bike trips you can change to the accompanying bus.

J. How is my own bicycle transported?

The transport of customer bicycles is possible only during a trip as well as during transfers.

The fixed settings on the hanger are matched to the wheels of the organizers so that minor damage (particularly paint damage) can occur in the case of foreign wheels. Damage caused during the transport can therefore not be held liable.

K. Until when can I make a change?

Changes and changes to the room number or type of room, the hotel category and the type of board are always possible up to 25 days prior to the start of the trip, provided the hotels can accept the changes. However, we also have to charge you for this. We charge INR 6000/- per change. (All charges per booking regardless of the number of persons!)

Please contact us by telephone or in writing for further information. You can also book additional nights at short notice.

L. What type of accommodation does it include?

We see it as our duty to accommodate you after a cycling day in a soothing atmosphere. We are always striving to reserve hotels, inns and pensions with appropriate ambience.

Sometimes, however, a somewhat simpler neighborhood cannot be avoided in smaller places. Rooms with shower or bath and WC are also a matter of course, and usually the warmth of the hosts and special service makes up for the simplicity of the lodging.

On some tours we have two hotel categories: Category A includes very good hotels (in small places also a guesthouse) on 3 or 4 star level. In category B, we offer hotels, inns and guesthouses on 3-star level, but sometimes also in a simpler category. In the price tables we always point to the expected hotel quality.

M. Where and when can I book additional nights?

We can offer you extra nights and / or extended stays at all start and finish locations. You can also book these rooms separately from the booking later.

On some bike tours, it is also possible to extend the stages of the stages during the cycling tour. However only if you are booked together with the travel bookings. The prices can be found under "Additional nights" of the respective tour description.